Supporters Wall

The Supporters Wall was created to give recognition to Organisations and Individuals who have contributed financially to support the creation, and further the objects of the Initiative Factory.

Each plaque on the wall is solid brass approximately 10x5 inches and is placed on the wall in brick fashion.

The plaques are permanent and will not be removed during are ownership of the building, (we are determined to see out our 127 year lease).

Our ambition is to completely cover the walls of the function suite with plaques.

The Wall at present is decorated with a number of plaques representing many diverse organisations including:

  • Film and Music Companies
  • Industrial Organisations
  • Trade Union Branches (National and International)
  • World famous Musicians
  • TV and Film Stars.

There are also many personal plaques in memory of loved ones who have passed away. Each plaque can have any message and logo providing it is decent and suitable for public display.

The plaques cost £100 each. To order a plaque please contact us by phone or email.



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