NEW PROJECTS – that started during the year are:

Benefits to Business and Employment (B2B) Is a pre-employment program aimed at the long-term unemployed to help anyone coming off benefits or forced off benefits to find employment or self-employment.

Merseyside Asylum Seekers Health (MASH) in which we have come into contact with men, women and children who have faced destitution, torture and political isolation on scale that is sometimes beyond belief. The project provides community cohesion support that helps individuals integrate within their local society. The service also includes supportive statements and background research on behalf of the asylum seekers.

Young Persons Confidence Building and Work Experience programme that offers young unemployed men and women in the 18 to 25 years of age bracket practical work experience with either CASA Bar/Venue or the CASA Bistro for a minimum period of two weeks. The individuals are supervised by fully trained staff and shown the basics of bar-staff management, food preparation and hygiene and working with the general public. All beneficiaries are given the option of taking an online accreditation or workplace NVQ at the end of their work experience.

ICT/Computer Support

We continue to run a computer maintenance service for members, families, customers and the surrounding community. This includes a basic start-up program, Installation, Upgrading and Maintenance of PC Operating Systems.

For further information contact Terry Teague or Tony Nelson on 0151 709 2148



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